Welcome to Shekhawat Traders

We are Based in heritage city of INDIA, SHEKHAWAT GASES is known for  its high quality Products. Over  the years, we have developed high specialization in reproduction of period articles as well as we produce very wide range of Gases & Accessories

Our biggest strength is our people. We prize their expertise and let them take initiative. We have been fortunate to continue to attract and retain a group of talented people who know their jobs well. Our dedicated team members care about the quality of their work. Our people, like our products, are highly reliable. We are committed to getting the job right every time, on time.

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+ How To Operate +

Before connection the regulator to the cylinder clean the orifice of the cylinder value.

Connect the oxygen and fueel gas regulators to the respective cylinders.

Tight all house connections properly with suitable hose clips.

Protact Cylinder and hose from flames, spatter and hot metal.

Keep grease and oil away from cylinder.

Release gas pressure from both the hose pipes after the work is over.

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